Joint Ease Holistic Healing Kit


Joint Ease Holistic Healing Kit


This specially designed holistic healing kit includes two essential oils to reduce inflammation, and give pain relief. Also a handmade collar charm with healing crystals especially for dogs with arthritis or joint pain.

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Ease the symptoms of arthritis and joint pain naturally with this kit.

Collar charm crystals;
Amethyst - provides pain relief
Rainbow flourite - provides pain relief
Blue lace agate - cooling and soothing, reduces inflammation

Lovingly handmade collar charm, reiki infused, for even more focused and enhanced healing properties.

Essential oils;
Clary Sage
both of these oils have lovely anti-inflammatory and pain relieving properties

Essential oils should be offered to the dog to smell the bottle to allow self selection. The smell of the oil will be pleasant initially if they need the properties, then when they have had enough of the oil, the smell changes to be more repellent. If essential oils are to be left near the dog, for lengthy periods, ensure it is out of the reach of the dog.

Not to be used in replacement of veterinary treatment.