Essential Oils Starter Kit


Essential Oils Starter Kit


Four Essential Oils to start your journey to helping your pet to feel happier and healthier.

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Want to use essential oils to help your dog or horse to feel happier and healthier, but don't know where to start?

I have developed this essential oils starter kit just for you then!

Designed with a difference though. I like the unusual, so didn't want a starter kit with the typical essential oils everyone knows. But they are still some great oils, with some fabulous healing properties...

I thought I'd ease you in with a popular oil that everyone has heard of, and just so happens to be my favourite! It has such a gorgeous refreshing smell.
Eases arthritis related joint pain.
Relieves muscular tension.
Clears sinuses,
Insect repellent

This has a lovely aniseed smell, and is also a  refreshing essential oil.
Aids digestion
Reduces mucus and phlegm to aid respiration,
Kills parasitic worms (shouldn't be used instead of your regular wormer).
Stimulates brain activity, reducing
depression and fatigue.

May Chang
The first of two relaxing essential oils, so you have a little something for everything.
Stress relief,
Enhances moods
Helps respiratory system,
including asthma,
Relieves allergy symptoms,
Eases muscular lower back pain,
Helps digestion, reducing nausea

And finally, another relaxing oil...

Pain relief,
boosts self esteem and confidence,
reduces anxiety,
calming effect,
insect repellent
reduces flatulence - what dog owner doesn't want this property?!

And as an added bonus, whether you buy the product or not, contact me for a free downloadable pdf of the oils with their healing properties, and how to use them with your dog or horse.