Chakra Balance Collar Charm


Chakra Balance Collar Charm


Balancing the chakras of your dog ensures the energy flows clearly around the body. If energy is flowing clearly, the body is able to heal itself, naturally.

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See below how each chakra relates to different illnesses and emotional problems. Balancing each chakra reduces symptoms and clears blockages in the energy.

Crown - Brain, nervous system, depression, veins, blood vessels, skin rash, eczema. Crystals - Amethyst, Howlite

Third Eye - Eyes, ears, nose, sinuses, nervous system, vision, headaches, earaches, fear, manic depression, anxiety. Crystals - Lapis lazuli, Sodalite.

Throat - Throat, mouth, jaw, tongue, neck, shoulders, atlas, flu, itching, toothaches, hyperactivity, hormonal problems. Crystals - Lapis Lazuli, Blue lace agate

Heart - Respiratory, muscles, lungs, heart, hands, arms, high blood pressure, asthma, lethargy, breathing problems, muscular tension. Crystals - Green Aventurine, Moss agate

Solar plexus - Digestion, Nervous system, small intestine, liver, ulcers, diabetes, constipation, nervousness, parasites, jaundice. Crystals - Citrine, Tiger eye

Sacral - Reproduction, skin, gallbladder, spleen, depression, allergies, asthma. Crystals - Carnelian, Orange calcite

Root - Spine, Legs, Feet, Bones, Teeth, Circulation, large intestine, anemia, obesity, constipation, bladder infection. Crystals - Red jasper.

I recommend recharging crystals regularly by leaving them on the windowsill on a full moon.

Please note, this is not a substitute for veterinary advice, but is in complement to it.