Calming Holistic Healing Kit


Calming Holistic Healing Kit



Lavender essential oil that not only relaxes at a stressful time of year, but also has so many other excellent healing qualities. IT is a must for anyone to have in their collection when wanting to use essential oils more.

And a handmade collar charm with relaxing healing crystals, infused with reiki.

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Lovingly handmade healing crystal collar charm including;

Rose quartz - loneliness, calming, soothing and nurturing
Amethyst - calms, soothes the mind
Blue lace agate - reduce stress, build confidence

Each collar charm is also reiki infused for more focused, enhanced healing properties.

Essential oil included;

Lavender - relaxing, eases nausea, reduces hay fever symptoms,

Essential oils should be offered to the dog to smell the bottle to allow self selection. The smell of the oil will be pleasant initially if they need the properties, then when they have had enough of the oil, the smell changes to be more repellent. If essential oils are to be left near the dog, for lengthy periods, ensure it is out of the reach of the dog.