Balanced Dog Holistic Kit


Balanced Dog Holistic Kit


Two essential oils with so many properties, they may be all you need.

A handmade, reiki infused collar charm with a crystal to balance each chakra for a happy, healthy dog.

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The Essential Oils

Rosemary and Lavender are where lots of people begin their essential oils journey. And they have so many excellent properties, that it is a perfect starting point. 

Rosemary - stress and anxiety relief, clears your head and increases concentration, enhances memory, increase circulation, ease headaches, reduce joint and muscular pain, boost immune system, ease indigestion, ease respiratory infection, insect repellent.

Lavender - insect repellent, promotes relaxation and sleep, reduces stress and anxiety, relieves joint and muscular pain, helps respiratory problems, stimulates urination (helpful in urinary problems), improves circulation, aids digestion, boosts immunity, eases inflammatory problems such as eczema.  

A lot of these properties are the same for each oil, so why would you need two? Just like you and me, animals have preferences for different scents, and the properties can help the same illness but different symptoms. So by having both oils, you are giving your dog a choice. Dog's are much more in tune with what they need than we are, so I base all therapies around self selection. 

The collar charm

When your dog becomes ill or has emotional problems, the associated chakra becomes out of balance. Balancing the chakra, then allows the body to heal itself, and symptoms quickly reduce. Healing crystals have many properties just like those of the essential oils above, and there are also a number which balance a chakra. A collar charm with a crystal to heal each of the body's 7 chakras will keep your dog healthy and happy, stopping issues becoming more serious by catching them early. 

I used a chakra balance with crystals on my dog, Beth, for general health, and found I cured her fear of fireworks as well!

Crystals used...

Crown Chakra - Amethyst
Third Eye Chakra - Lapis Lazuli
Throat Chakra - Blue Lace Agate
Heart Chakra - Green Aventurine
Solar Plexus Chakra - Citrine
Sacral Chakra - Carnelian
Root Chakra - Red Jasper

This holistic kit is perfect for senior dogs. Keep the energies flowing through your dog's body, to stop issues before they are serious. Reduce inflammation, and keep joint pain at bay. Slow down the aging process. 

And for rescue dogs, ease anxieties, and help emotional problems, for a happy, relaxed dog. 

My senior, rescue dog has certainly benefitted!