How I Can Help

Some of the illnesses and issues that I have helped animals with previously;

  • separation anxiety

  • fear - traffic, dogs, vets, fireworks, loading onto a trailer

  • arthritis

  • cataracts

  • slipped disc

  • past trauma for rescue animals

  • general health check

  • finding the cause of behavioural changes

  • speed up healing process after illness, accident or surgery

So if you have a senior or rescue horse or dog, I am the therapist for them!


Therapies available

The first therapy I learnt, and the one I always go back to is Reiki. I love the gentle energy, feedback in terms of heat and tingling in my hands when the energy is flowing, and that I can use visualization to enhance the effectiveness. But I love to learn new things, so wanted to learn other therapies too…

  • Reiki (available for both people and animals)

  • Sports massage (canine and equine)

  • Acupressure (canine and equine)

  • Myofascial release (equine)

  • Red light therapy device hire

  • Animal communication

Although animal communication isn’t really a therapy, I had to add it, as it is an important part of my sessions. It really is just as you’d expect - I connect with the animal, and receive pictures, phrases, and emotions in response. I communicate with each dog or horse before the session, to see which tools I may need like crystals or essentials oils, and also use it during the session when asking the animal to guide me where they want me to help them.

I also offer animal communication on it’s own for people who live out of my local area. Often people come to me when they have tried everything else, and still haven’t found an answer to a behavioural problem. It’s also great for fear problems, I helped a horse who was scared of tractors to feel calmer, just by explaining what they are. Once I explained that they bring hay to the stables for her to eat, she was much happier about them!

Horse and rider therapy sessions available. If you’ve had an accident or have been in a situation that has stressed both you and your horse, and you are struggling with your confidence, this is for you. A Reiki session for both you and your horse, can help you both relax, and leave your past trauma behind you, so you can work together again and rebuild your confidence in each other.

For optimum results, Red Light Therapy should be used daily. But if you think you will only need the device for a short time, such as helping a wound heal, or releasing muscular tension that massage isn’t helping, I have a device for hire. Full training given on first session.




“My lovely Tilly (horse) was so relaxed after her treatment, she literally fell asleep on my knee ❤️” Kathryn (via Facebook review)

“Brilliant service and always been 100% correct” - animal communication. Tracy (via Facebook review)

“Reiki has made such a big difference to my Bedlington Terrier. When we rescued her, she was very frightened and nervous. The Reiki has calmed her, and she is now more relaxed. Thank you so much.” Pam, Derby

”Thanks for all your help so far and for your genuine interest in my boys.” (horses)
Diane, Shetland


Combined therapy session for animals - £40 for a one hour session Combination of reiki, acupressure and massage depending on the needs of your individual pet

Reiki for people - £40 for a one hour session in the comfort of your own home

Animal Communication (communication only) - £18 for 30 minute session
Animal Communication (communication and distance healing) - £35 for one hour session

Horse and rider session - £70 for a one hour session each for horse and rider

Red Light Therapy device hire - £30 per week + £20 initial tutorial

Gift Vouchers available for both people and animals - contact for details

Areas covered - Nottinghamshire, Derbyshire, Leicestershire.  Up to 1 hour travel time each way.