There are a few things which I recommend to clients that they can do themselves, to help their pet in between therapy sessions. So, I thought I would add them here, so more people and their pets could benefit.

These are in no way connected to or endorsed by Hoof To Tail Healing, they are just some things I have come across, mainly through recommendations from others, that I have used myself, or on my own pets with positive results.


Healing with Sound

Each chakra has a sound which balances the energies. Just like in reiki, balancing the energies allow them to flow clearly around the body, and the body and emotions can then heal themselves and symptoms are reduced.
I downloaded an app to listen to and help focus my thoughts when sending distance reiki. But when I tried it to see what the sound was like, I noticed my own dog, was yawning away, and releasing due to the sound having a positive effect on her.
The app is simply called Mantras for the Chakras, and will play the mantra / sound when you select the chakra you want to balance. I have had this app for a while so there may be better ones, but this is a free app, and I like that it will keep playing after the screen saver times out on my phone.

This isn’t related to chakras, but the body in general. It is a recommendation I heard on an app recently, so haven’t experimented with it much. It is also on YouTube, so not something you can put on to have playing all night, as when the screen on your phone etc times out, it stops YouTube playing.
Different frequencies of sound have different properties.
432 Hz is a relaxing frequency which can help with sleep
528 Hz can heal the whole body, even repairing DNA
There are many other frequencies. I have mainly listened to 528 Hz, and found it a lovely relaxing sound.


Healing with colour

If you like your apps, then another one I recommend is Healing Light Touch. It is a pretty basic app really, but it’s all you need. When you open the app the whole screen of your phone or tablet goes white. Then all you do is touch the screen and move your finger until it changes to the colour you want. It includes a rainbow of colours, which is all you need to balance each chakras. (See picture at the top of the page)
There are two settings pastel or bright, which gives you different shades of the colours depending on what you need. The app over rides the screen saver, so the light stays on until you switch the app off.
Just position the phone or tablet next to the chakra you are wanting to balance.

I love doing little experiments with tools that can heal as well as the therapies I have learnt, so one of the ways I use colour is water bowls for self-selection. The colours that give the biggest reaction are red for energy, and blue for calming and relaxation. I also added yellow, as my dog tends to get minor stomach upsets, and yellow balances the solar plexus which relates to digestion.

So, you have your sound and colour ready. But how do you know which chakra needs balancing? 


The Chakras

Root Chakra. Situated at base of spine. Relates to vitality, grounding, security, courage, spine, legs, hind paws, bones, teeth, large intestine, bladder, blood, circulation.

Sacral Chakra Situated in pelvis area. Relates to emotions, intimacy, procreation, confidence, sociability, kidneys, urinary tract, skin, spleen, gallbladder.

Solar Plexus Chakra. Located at the stomach. Relates to personal power, wit, knowledge, laughter, optimism, self-control, curiosity, awareness, digestion, liver, stomach, diaphragm, nervous system, metabolism, small intestine, pancreas.

Heart Chakra. Located in centre of the chest. Relates to relationships, love, acceptance, self control, compassion, guilt, forgiveness, harmony, peace, renewal, growth, lungs, heart, bronchia, thymus gland, arms, hands, respiratory, hypertension, muscles.

Throat Chakra. Located at the throat. Relates to communication, wisdom, speech, trust, creative expression, planning, organisation, and caution, throat, mouth, jaw, parathyroid, tongue, neck, shoulders, lymphs (under arms), atlas.

Third Eye Chakra. Located on the forehead. Relates to intuition, invention, psychic abilities, self realization, perception, release, understanding, memory, fearlessness. Physical areas related eyes, nose, ears, sinuses, cerebellum, pineal, forebrain.

Crown Chakra. Located on the top of the head. Relates to wisdom, inspiration, meditation, higher self, brain, pituitary, nervous system, hair growth, top of head.

Unsure which chakra needs balancing, and what your dog or horse needs to solve it? Contact me to arrange an animal communication session, and let your horse have a voice and take control of their health and happiness.