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Releasing past trauma in horses the natural way, to reduce anxiety

I feel like I have been neglecting horses recently on my blog, and as it's anxiety month at Hoof To Tail Healing, lets talk anxiety. Read more…


The best and easiest way to help your dog relax on fireworks night

I was going to write about this in a week or two, but we had fireworks again last night. And, as this tip may take a bit of practice, there's no time like the present to start. Read more…


Welcome to October - anxiety month at Hoof To Tail Healing

My final trade stand of the year is all done. And fittingly it ties into my plans for October. Read more…


Don't work with animals or the weather

I have started this blog post, many times. And while doing it, I've learnt that there is a fine line between sharing the lows, and just moaning! Read more…


How massage can help your dog's arthritis, naturally.

As I mentioned in my blog last week, there are many ways you can help your dog to reduce pain, and increase mobility. Read more…


Welcome to arthritis month at Hoof To Tail Healing

I've organised a dog walk to raise money for Canine Arthritis Management on 22 September at Newstead Abbey, Nottinghamshire. Read more…


Adventures in acupressure and animal communication

I’ve only written one of my new style blogs, and already I’ve broken my promise of writing weekly! Read more…


Be More Me

Click here to read more on why I’m changing how I write my blog posts…


Top tips to help your dog keep their cool in the summer heat

It’s that one week of the year that we have super hot weather in the UK, so I’ve gathered together some top tips to help keep your dog as cool as a cucumber. Read more…


Confessions of a secret owner of a reactive dog

It’s OK for your dog not to be OK. Read more…


How to win the battle against horse flies, naturally, this summer.

It’s a weird time of year in the UK at the moment, for the weather. Once minute you need a rug on your horse, then the flies are out like it’s summer. But soon, if not already, the shelves will be empty at the tack shops of fly spray as we all go through a bottle a week, trying to stop our four legged friend from becoming lunch to every bug out there! Read more…

Hendrix essential oil sleeping.jpg

What to expect from a canine holistic therapy session with Hoof To Tail Healing

I had the pleasure of meeting the gorgeous Hendrix recently, when I asked Emma Bibby Photograpy to do a photo shoot of a therapy session. Read more…


Why you need to balance your dog’s heart chakra this Valentine’s Day.

February is the month of love! So I thought it only fitting to write a blog about the heart chakra. Read more…

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Is your dog in the Flow this Christmas?

My new Christmas Stress Busting Holistic Kit (see webshop, if you have missed my social media posts), got me thinking of other ways you can make sure your dog has a relaxed, happy Christmas. So I thought I would get another perspective to share with you. Read more…

Anxiety chakras.png

How anxiety affects the energies of the body in your dog

You are probably familiar with the usual symptoms of anxiety… barking, howling, unable to settle, soiling in the house etc.

But energetically, there will be chakras, acupoints and meridians out of balance, which means the energy can’t flow clearly around the body. Read more…


How holistic therapies can help your dog; part 2 - Back issues

Following on from last week's post, I thought I would share some case studies of some other dogs who requested the type of therapies which would help them.

This time, the focus is on back issues, which are more commonly a problem for senior dogs, but also can affect younger dogs in some cases. Read more…


How holistic therapies can help your dog’s arthritis

We all know that all dogs are different. They look different, sound different, behave different, the list could go on. And any illness, or emotional problem they have can also be different... Read more


Reiki and how it can help your pet to be happier and healthier

As it is Reiki Day today, 17 August 2018, I thought it would be a perfect opportunity to write a blog with a bit more information on the wonders of Reiki, as often people aren’t sure what it is... Read more

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My 6 must haves for a Holistic First Aid Kit

A couple of years ago, I took a Canine First Aid course at a local vets, as the dogs I see are potentially unwell, it is good to have an awareness. Included with the course was a dog first aid kit with bandages, vet wrap, and the usual contents for an emergency. Thankfully it has all stayed neatly packed up, as I haven’t had any emergencies. Read more...


Acupressure – a beginner’s guide to this ancient holistic therapy

It occurred to me that not many people are aware of acupressure as a holistic therapy for animals. And although I see lots of requests on social media for a “back person” for a horse, or sports massage therapist, acupressure never gets a mention. For dogs, the popular therapies are hydrotherapy and Tellington T touch.

This week I will be focusing on acupressure on my social media posts, Read more...


Hoof To Tail Healing and Me

With my new recent website, I have a new blog too. My previous blog is lost on the never ending virtual world of the internet somewhere. But a change is as good as a rest, so they say!

So. As this is my first post, I thought I should start with a bit of an introduction of the person behind my little holistic business. Read More...